Hello everyone! BOP is back for another and of course we are spotlighting Spiderman: Homecoming! But that's not all! We also get into War for the Planet of the Apes, The Little Hours, and Raw! Then in our second segment we open a new batch of listener mail and answer your burning questions. Questions like which Jon would emerge victorious from an island deathmatch scenario? What could be the next dead franchise brought back to life? How do we watch movies at home? 

If you want your questions answered send them over to or to Twitter(@crosstawk). Also be sure to head over to iTunes to leave us a rating and review. Then join us again in two weeks when we'll be discussing Jonny's pick for Movie of the Month, Superman III!

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What makes someone Super? It’s powers, the answer is powers. But should a hero be treated differently because of HOW they got their powers? Well, that is the topic for today’s episode of the Sedentary Living Tribunal. Gustavo, Ryan, and Nate are diving into that pool full of radioactive spiders and hoping for the best. Please leave a comment or you can contact the guys directly at or on Twitter (@SedLTpodcast).  

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The thrilling end of another chapter is upon us. Our adventurers try to make a new friend and end up fighting a terrifying monster. Skumk is concerned about global warming, Jelly does finger guns, and Coen acts professionally.  

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Hey everyone! Your favorite podcast about movie and movie things is back! Our Spotlight movie this episode is Baby Driver and then we get into The Big Sick, Okja, The Wizard of Lies, Dune, and much more! Then in our second segment it was Jon's pick for Movie of the Month so the crew took a trip out to the desert to find The Treasure of the Sierra Madre!

Be sure to send in your questions, comments, and concerns to or to Twitter(@crosstawk) because next episode we open up a new batch of your listener mail. Also head over to iTunes to leave us a rating and review. See ya next time!

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More often than not Gustavo, Ryan, and Nate have differing opinions on…just about anything, except for Kurt Busiek. Everybody loves Kurty B. So for today’s episode the guys are talking about Astro City, one of the longest running comics all written by one guy. Let them know what you think of the episode either by leaving a comment here or you can contact the guys directly at or on Twitter (@SedLTpodcast). 

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Our adventurers find themselves doing battle with a giant spider palace and find themselves in a place outside of time. In this episode, Coen rides, Jelly flies, and Skumk becomes an ape and it is hilarious because he's an ape.

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Hey folks! Back to your regularly scheduled serving of BOP! Karl, Stan, Jonny, and Jon got together to talk about Wonder Woman, Long Strange Trip, It Comes at Night, Saban's Power Rangers, a whole bunch of David Lynch, and more! Then in our second segment...well actually there wasn't one. We just went straight through til we had no more movies to talk about.

But in two weeks we'll be back to discuss Jon's pick for Movie of the Month (revealed at the end of this episode!). If you have any questions, comments, or concerns be sure to send them over to or to Twitter(@crosstawk). See ya in two weeks!

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Have you ever wished you could just change something in the comics? Well writers feel that way sometimes, too. So for this episode Gustavo, Ryan, and Nate are talking about their favorite Retcons. Remember to leave a comment and let the guys know what you think. You can also contact them at or on Twitter as @SedLTpodcast.

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It's (sorta) that time of year! After an unfortunate delay, I'm proud to present the 2017 Cross Con episode of Box Office Poison! This time, Stan Ferguson and Mike Sklens couldn't join us in Los Angeles, California, but our good buddies Jesse Laier and Jon Lindemann were able to join Jonny, Jon, and I to round out the crew.

This time, we discuss War Machine, Alien: Covenant, Mindhorn, and more before answering a very interesting and dense email from our pal Rob from Toronto. Then, it's time to talk about my pick for Movie of the Month: Air Force One!

We'll see you again this Friday to go over Post Office Poison, so if you've got any questions, comments, or concerns, send them to, Twitter (@crosstawk), or the comments section on the site.

Thanks for listening, and we'll see you in five days!

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What’s this? A brand new podcast! That’s right and it’s all about SUPERHEROES.  Please welcome Gustavo, Ryan, and Nate to the Crosstawk family, but be gentle they’re still a little sore. (It’s from all the paddling) Since introductions are always a little awkward the guys decided to just lay all their cards on the table right at the start and give you their Top 5 heroes and villains. Have a listen and tell them what you think, you can contact them directly at or just leave a comment here. We’ll be posting new episodes on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

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