Hey folks! Back to your regularly scheduled serving of BOP! Karl, Stan, Jonny, and Jon got together to talk about Wonder Woman, Long Strange Trip, It Comes at Night, Saban's Power Rangers, a whole bunch of David Lynch, and more! Then in our second segment...well actually there wasn't one. We just went straight through til we had no more movies to talk about.

But in two weeks we'll be back to discuss Jon's pick for Movie of the Month (revealed at the end of this episode!). If you have any questions, comments, or concerns be sure to send them over to or to Twitter(@crosstawk). See ya in two weeks!

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Have you ever wished you could just change something in the comics? Well writers feel that way sometimes, too. So for this episode Gustavo, Ryan, and Nate are talking about their favorite Retcons. Remember to leave a comment and let the guys know what you think. You can also contact them at or on Twitter as @SedLTpodcast.

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It's (sorta) that time of year! After an unfortunate delay, I'm proud to present the 2017 Cross Con episode of Box Office Poison! This time, Stan Ferguson and Mike Sklens couldn't join us in Los Angeles, California, but our good buddies Jesse Laier and Jon Lindemann were able to join Jonny, Jon, and I to round out the crew.

This time, we discuss War Machine, Alien: Covenant, Mindhorn, and more before answering a very interesting and dense email from our pal Rob from Toronto. Then, it's time to talk about my pick for Movie of the Month: Air Force One!

We'll see you again this Friday to go over Post Office Poison, so if you've got any questions, comments, or concerns, send them to, Twitter (@crosstawk), or the comments section on the site.

Thanks for listening, and we'll see you in five days!

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What’s this? A brand new podcast! That’s right and it’s all about SUPERHEROES.  Please welcome Gustavo, Ryan, and Nate to the Crosstawk family, but be gentle they’re still a little sore. (It’s from all the paddling) Since introductions are always a little awkward the guys decided to just lay all their cards on the table right at the start and give you their Top 5 heroes and villains. Have a listen and tell them what you think, you can contact them directly at or just leave a comment here. We’ll be posting new episodes on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

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Are our adventurers the heroes or the villains? In this, the darkest episode of They See Me Rollin' yet, you'll be hard pressed to answer. Skumk grapples, Coen gets revenge, and Jelly makes a sacrifice. 

Thanks to Noel from Dames and Dragons for the theme song for today's episode!

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A day late, a buck short, but I'm happy to report that BOP is back for another new episode. Stan couldn't make it this time but Karl, Jonny, Jon, and Mike got together to talk about (of course) Guardians Vol. 2 before getting into Chuck, Casting JonBenet, Get Me Roger Stone, and more! Then in our second segment we open a big batch of your listener mail including one from our favorite mystery fan. Still not quite sure what it's about, though.

Have any questions for the crew? Be sure to send them in soon because next episode will be our annual Cross-Con get together (this year in lovely Los Angeles)! Send over your Qs to or to Twitter(@crosstawk) and definitely watch along as we cover Karl's pick for Movie of the Month: Air Force One! See ya then!

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The adventurers follow the shady figure and find who's behind the first murder along with more nefarious plans. Afterward, Jelly stages a rescue, Coen gets fed up, and Skumk performs an encore.

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Hey everyone! Karl, Jon, Jonny, and Stan are back for another episode full of movies to talk about. We cover Free Fire, Colossal, The Lost City of Z, Win It All, and more before getting into Stan's pick for Movie of the Month, Nashville!

Have a question, comment, or concern for the crew? Send it over to or to Twitter (@crosstawk) and we'll get to it on the show. Also be sure to head over to iTunes to leave us a rating and review. See you soon!

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Just like every other time, we have returned! We're like the phoenix, only less predictable. On this episode, we discuss the prepubescent 80's boy spank material The Tree Woman by Boris Vallejo. Additional topics include Bob Ross' love of cocaine and Stryper, and pre-modern hair removal techniques, and the Giger Bar.

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First off, we apologize for Stan's microphone. He has promised he will have a new one by the next episode, but his previous one broke so he had to use a cheap headset, so that's why he sounds tinny.

As for our adventurers, things take a dark turn as they begin their murder investigation. Coen chats up a local, Jelly goes birdwatching, and Skumk plays a little prank.

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