Hello everyone! BOP is back once again for another new episode about movies and movie things. Mike couldn't make it (because he's becoming a husband!!) but the rest of the crew is here to chat. We start things off with our Spotlight discussion on Werner Herzog's newest, Lo and Behold, before diving into Sausage Party, Now You See Me 2, Weiner, and more! Then in our second segment we discuss Karl's pick for Movie of the Month, All the President's Men!

Next episode we will be opening a new batch of your listener mail so be sure to those in to or to Twitter(@crosstawk) and we'll get to them on the show. Also be sure to head on over to iTunes to leave us a rating and review. See ya then!

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This week is DLC with special guests Jessica Martin and Jonathan Metts! Garett and I discuss our top 3 DLC of all time, and Jonathan and Jessica discuss some of their favorites, as well as Nintendo's general lack of DLC support. Hope you enjoy this week's show!

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In this episode we talk about what is arguably one of the best uses for the WiiU gamepad, and why that makes Kirby and the Rainbow Curse a worse game for the person playing it. Garett has been playing, shocker here folks, Rock Band 4 again. We discuss the new Rock Band dlc and why we all hate the fact that you have to pay for new modes, even though it's Garett's money that will pay for it. Jess talks about her reborn love of Chime with the release of Chime Sharp, despite some major controller wonkiness on Mac. Gabe has been playing Telltale's Batman: Episode 1 and Abzu. 

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A Thousand Words - Episode 44 - Movie Posters

2016 has been the year of delays and we are so sorry. So apologetic that we got another theme episode for you. This time it's movie posters for the hit films The Outing, Inseminoid, and Terror From the Year 5000!

Please enjoy as we discuss these posters as well as the perfect B actor, a Harold and Kumar movie idea, and 1950's clickbait. 

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They See Me Rollin' - Episode 3

Coen, Jelly, and Skumk are caught red handed with an incriminating sex toy and are arrested. This episode they'll be put to the test as they attempt a daring escape and are given a tempting offer.

Additionally, Coen uses his head, Jelly drops acid, and Skumk opines on bugs.

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In this episode Garett and Gabriel discuss their top 3 favorite NES games. And by top 3, I mean a lot of NES games. Shortlists became not-so-shortlists, to the point that we didn't have time to discuss new games played this week, but we hope you enjoy the show nonetheless. 

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Hey y'all! It's every other Friday so that means a brand new episode of BOP! We got together to discuss all the movies we've been watching including our spotlight discussion of Suicide Squad before getting into stuff like Don't Think Twice, Born to Be Blue, The Little Prince, and more! Then in our second segment we celebrate another year gone by as we cover our favorite and least favorite Movies of the Month from the past year before getting into another bit of your listener mail.

Have a question for the fellas? Send it over to or to Twitter (@crosstawk) and we'll answer it next month. Be sure to join us again in two weeks when we talk about Karl's choice for Movie of the Month, All the President's Men! See you then!

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Jonathan Metts joins us as our very special guest for episode 4 of The GG Show where we talk about our favorite superhero games of all time. We also talk about some less than stellar superhero games, and briefly mention Infamous, which is a superhero game we disqualified because it wasn't based on a comic. Bummer, we know. But sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest episode as we try to entertain you. 

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Episode 3 is here, and in it we discuss our favorite arcade memories. How they shaped us as gamers, taught us to be more courteous, and provided some lasting memories. In addition, we discuss Gabe's first time playing Shadowrun for Sega Genesis, and Garett's short time with Thomas Was Alone. 

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They See Me Rollin - Ep 2: Glittering Metropolis of Prostitutes

They See Me Rollin' returns! The adventure continues as our troop get their first mission from The Blazing Dusk. Along the way, Coen prays to his goddess, Jelly makes a deal, and Skumk makes a disturbing revelation.

Apologies for Trevor's audio. His computer decided to drop giant bits of data from his recording.


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