Hi folks! BOP returns for another movie-filled episode. Karl and the Jons dive right in with a discussion of our Spotlight movie 13th before getting into Other People, The Birth of a Nation, American Honey, The Girl on the Train, and more! Then in our second segment we cover Jon's pick for Movie of the Month, Come and See.

Have a question for the crew? Send it over to or to Twitter(@crosstawk) and we'll get to it next episode when we open a new batch of listener mail. Be sure to head over to iTunes to leave us a rating and review. See ya in two weeks!

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Welcome back everyone! In the latest episode Garett and I are joined by Jonathan Metts as we talk about developers until we're super sweaty and can't stop screaming at everyone. Or maybe that was Steve Ballmer? I forget. Either way you should give it a listen as we talk about our favorite development studios as well as Call of Duty: World at War, and Saint's Row IV: Re-Elected. 

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For our latest episode we are joined by Myriam Feygin of Complex Infinity to talk about their new VR game S#arp Shooter! This episode runs quite long, but Myriam was gracious enough to share quite a bit of information with us about their game, including where it started and where they're going. I hope you'll all check it out and enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it. 

Not ones to disappoint, we were also sure to tell you all about what we've been playing, and of course, The Pitch. This episode's Pitch: "Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors". 

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A Thousand Words - The American Soldier 1863

Wow! 2016 has just eaten up the time of the hosts of A Thousand Words. We've been incredibly busy! Between Jessica's successes as a comedian, Ron's new baby girl (Mazel Tov!), and Stan being in a play, there hasn't been the time needed to record together. But, as you can see, we're still here! 

In this episode we discuss H. Jon Benjamin's The American Soldier 1863, where we discuss a Civil War Fashion Show! Additionally, we discuss the cinematic classic Major Payne, the Church of Satan, and discuss who had the sexiest soldiers in the Civil War. Additionally, Stan embarrasses himself by not knowing who Patrick Wilson is. 

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They See Me Rollin - Episode 6 - Down the Humanoid Hole

Things have come to a head as our adventurers have come face to face with a very angry Jack Steward. Will the gang finally escape from prison? Maybe; but Coen will also give a massage, Skumk will get naked, and Jelly will be traumatized.

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Hey everybody! BOP returns for another episode featuring Karl and the Jons. What we may lack in number of people we make up for with number of movies. Along with our Spotlight discussion on Goat, we cover Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Southside With You, Florence Foster Jenkins, Amanda Knox, and more! Then in our second segment we get into a new batch of your listener mail.

Have a question you want to ask us? Send it to or to Twitter(@crosstawk) and we'll answer it on the show. Be sure to come back in two weeks when we discuss Jon's pick for Movie of the Month, Come and See! See ya then!

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So it turns out that both of us have played Genesis games. Who knew? We decided to talk about some of our favorites, and also talk about a few newer games, inlcuding some brief impressions of Forza Horizon 3. Have a listen! 

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Hello everyone! BOP returns and without Karl and Stan. They couldn't make it but Jon steps in the host chair, flanked by Mike and Jonny to bring you talk of movies and talk of movie things. First we shine a spotlight on Blair With before getting into what else we've been watching including Sing Street, Hell or High Water, Embrace of the Serpent, The Battle of Algiers, and more! Then in our second segment we cover Mike's pick for Movie of the Month, Wag the Dog!

Next episode is going to feature another edition of Post Office Poison so be sure to send in your questions to or to Twitter(@crosstawk) and we'll get to them on the show! Also head on over to iTunes to leave us a rating and review. See ya in two weeks!

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Better late than never, right? This week Garett and I discuss our favorite weapons in gaming. We also talk about Garett's first impressions of Portal 2 co-op, and Valve's apparent allergy to the number 3. 

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They See Me Rollin - Ep 5 - You Got Matrixed, Son

Our adventurers decide that now is the time to escape. How do they manage? Surprisingly well, actually. But that doesn't stop them from making a few stupid moves. Listen on the edge of your seat as Jelly forces their hand, Skumk fiddles with keys, and Coen ruins everything.

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